About Eye Health

About Eye Health

Symptomless Eye Disease

Just because you have great vision, it does not mean your eyes are healthy. Many eye diseases such as glaucoma, cataracts and macular degeneration may not show symptoms until some damage has already occurred. Yet, 75 percent of vision loss is treatable or preventable if you get regular eye exams from an optometrist.

Eye Health & Overall Health

An eye exam could save more than your vision; it could save your life. Optometrists look at tiny structures inside your eyes during an eye exam. These structures are connected to your body as a whole, allowing them to detect hidden health problems such as diabetes, hypertension and even cancer.

Effects of Digital Devices

Increased screen time may be affecting your eye health. With people spending more time on their smartphones, tablets, and computers, it’s not surprising that research shows a rise in related vision problems. If you regularly experience headaches, blurred vision, eye strain, excess tearing or dry eye, you might be experiencing digital eye strain.