Eyesafe Saskatchewan: The Eye Protection Program

The industry standard in quality safety eyewear from the experts

Eyesafe is a program with a commitment to the eye health and safety of Saskatchewan's workforce. We aim to help reduce the occurrence of workplace eye injuries by offering a prescription safety eyewear program available to businesses and industries. Eyesafe was designed by optometrists, has been operating for over 30 years across Saskatchewan, and continues to help employers reduce workplace eye injuries. 


If you have any questions or if you would like to begin your enrollment process, please reach out to our Eyesafe Director by completing the following:


    Why Enroll?


    • Lenses, coatings, frames, and side shields dispensed by Saskatchewan optometric offices meet or exceed CSA testing standards
    • Regular (dress) eyewear does not meet these standards
    • Included in the program is a complete eye health and vision assessment performed with special attention to the specific occupational needs of each employee
    • Clients are individually fit by optometrists, ensuring their eyewear fits comfortably and securely
    • Dispensing eyewear is the particular expertise of Eyesafe; our dispensers are uniquely qualified to ensure lenses are manufactured to exact ophthalmic and safety standards based on a comprehensive understanding of a patient’s ocular health


    • There is no cost to enroll
    • Companies often realize immediate cost savings in reduced injuries once adopting a vision safety program
    • Our purchasing power allows us to pass wholesale pricing on to our clients, resulting in corporate and individual savings
    • Access to optometric care should not require a time-intensive commute since all optometrists in Saskatchewan participate in the program and span the province
    • Our lab tendering process is conducted triennially to ensure the best possible value
    • Each client company can tailor the program according to its safety needs within the means of their budget


    • Optometrists are located in over 60 communities throughout Saskatchewan
    • Optometrists provide full-scope eye care, including an initial comprehensive eye health and vision examination, fitting, dispensing and repair of glasses, and are available for eye emergencies
    • Each client company contract is custom-tailored to meet the specific needs of its particular industrial setting
    • One central office serves as the single contact for Eyesafe client companies, working with companies to set up a custom agreement, providing authorization forms, centrally processing all paperwork, and arranging eye health and safety presentations


    • Our comprehensive services and administration provide a tailored solution for every company and employee
    • Criteria sheets, agreements, and authorization forms are created to specifically meet your company needs
    • Following their eye health and vision examination, your employees will be assisted in selecting safety standard compliant eyewear suited to your workplace