Licensing Requirements

Licensing Requirements

Saskatchewan Optometry Practice Requirements

Membership in the Saskatchewan Association of Optometrists (SAO) is mandatory to practice optometry in the province. Our College and Association have combined license fees.

Please visit the Jurisprudence Exam page for details on challenging the exam.

Please click here for the list of all license requirements to be licensed in Saskatchewan and for the 2020 License Package.

All applicants must have successfully completed the Canadian Optometric Evaluation Committee Exam (OEBC). If you have not successfully passed all aspects of the OEBC  Exam please contact their office directly to make arrangements.

Candidates are required to provide a current satisfactory criminal record check.

Applicants currently practicing in another jurisdiction must provide a Letter of Good Standing from their college.

Practicing applicants must also provide satisfactory evidence of participation in continuing education courses or lectures and of the hours of attendance in such courses or lectures during the year.

Compulsory minimums required:

  • 30 hours of approved continuing education during the preceding three years if you do not hold a Therapeutic Pharmaceutical Agent Certificate.
  • 40 hours of approved continuing education during the preceding three years (of which a minimum of 10 hours must be related to the use of therapeutic pharmaceutical agents) if you do hold a Therapeutic Pharmaceutical Agents Certificate.
  • Practicing applicants must have had an active optometry practice for a minimum of 750 hours during the preceding 3 years; OR
  • Demonstrated skill and knowledge through an assessment in such form as may be established by the Registrar and/or has demonstrated skill and knowledge in an examination established or adopted by the Board of Examiners.
  • Members must successfully complete an “Advanced Scope of Practice Certification Course” and they will only be allowed to practice at their current therapeutic level until proof of certification is forwarded to the Registrar. Any member who has not produced proof of successfully completing an Advanced Scope of Practice Certification Course by December 15, 2016 will not be eligible for or issued a 2017 license renewal.
  • Optometrists who graduated from an accredited School of Optometry after January 1, 2015 will automatically be granted “Advanced Scope of Practice Certification”. Optometrists successfully passing the Canadian Assessment of Canadian Optometry (CACO) or its equivalent in 2012, 2013, or 2014 were not required to attend the course lectures and were allowed to challenge the examination after paying examination fees of 200 dollars.
  • New applicants to the SAO who meet all requirements for licensure and have graduated from an accredited School of Optometry prior to 2012 are required to obtain certification equivalent to the “Advanced Scope of Practice Certification Course”, prior to their second optometric license renewal.

Please review the required documents for application. If you have any questions, please email or call 306-652-2069.

Application Package

Affidavit Verifying Application
Appendix “A” Application for Professional Certificate (Fillable)
Appendix “B” – Application for License (Fillable)
Application for License to Practice Optometry
Candidate for Licensure Application (Fillable)
Insurance Authorization Letter
Jurisprudence Examination Identification
List of all License Requirements (Fillable)
Requesting an additional License Certificate (updating or adding a new office location)
SAO’s Certificate of Standing (Fillable)
Testimonial of Good Character & Conduct